What is a “bomboniera?”

Shortest answer: it’s a party favor.

Longer answer: it’s a little packet, often wrapped in tulle, containing “five sugared almonds for each guest to eat / to remind us that life is both bitter and sweet.” They’re common at Italian-American (and I hear tell, other Mediterranean) weddings.

When I learned about the meaning behind the tradition, I became utterly taken with them. “Into every life some rain must fall” but make it candy. On your happy day, share with your loved ones a small token of appreciation that says, Thank you for being here, life is a mixed bag, have a little something.

And what I have to share is nothing if not a mixed bag of bitter and sweet – headlines, events, anniversaries and more.

Thank you for being here, have a little something.

What’s included?

In this bomboniera, you can expect:

  • Headlines from across the country on topics related to reproductive health, reproductive and gender justice, whatever’s moving in news.

  • A regular listing of anniversaries and awareness days from across the progressive movement.

A few caveats: because time and capacity, I can’t promise to track every state bill or issue out there. Also because #selfcare, I generally don’t include opposition headlines.

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