I like Breyer in June

How about you?


  • in 1966, the National Organization for Women was founded.

  • in 1980, the Supreme Court upheld the Hyde Amendment in Harris v McRae.

  • in 2014, the Supreme Court struck down part of the ACA’s birth control benefit in Burwell v Hobby Lobby. That was a bad day.

But THIS IS A GOOD DAY. Yes, I know all the caveats and warnings and, and, and. We won yesterday, and I’m going to enjoy it.


Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana abortion clinic law
Mark Sherman | AP

The Supreme Court on Monday struck down a Louisiana law regulating abortion clinics, reasserting a commitment to abortion rights over fierce opposition from dissenting conservative justices in the first big abortion case of the Trump era.

Editorial: The Supreme Court was right to throw out Louisiana's oppressive abortion law
Los Angeles Times

Now that the Supreme Court has twice invalidated laws about admitting privileges, maybe abortion opponents will give up on this ruse.

🠲 Editorial: John Roberts Is No Pro-Choice Hero
New York Times

The latest Supreme Court decision sets the stage for further attacks on abortion rights.

Editorial: The outcome of the Louisiana abortion case was a victory for the rule of law
Washington Post

It is a triumph for adherence to precedent, without which the judicial process degenerates into a raw exercise of power.

More opinion/analysis
Roberts Rules of Order in the Court

How John Roberts left the door open to more state limits on abortion
Caroline Kelly & Ariane de Vogue | CNN

In a concurring opinion the chief justice left open the possibility that other states might be able to pursue similar restrictions. The "validity of admitting privileges law depend[s] on numerous factors that may differ from state to state," Roberts wrote in a footnote

🠲 Chief Justice John Roberts isn’t a liberal. He’s a perfectionist who wants to win.
Dahlia Lithwick | Slate

The chief justice knows exactly what he’s doing.

With abortion ruling, Roberts reasserts his role and Supreme Court’s independence
Robert Barnes | Washington Post

Every Supreme Court decision seems to confirm Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.’s pivotal role at the center of the court, and Monday’s ruling on abortion showed that restrictions on a woman’s right to the procedure for now will go only as far as the chief justice allows.

That line right there 🠱 chills me to the bone.

🠲 Conservatives Are Very Mad At Chief Justice John Roberts. Perhaps They Shouldn’t Be.
Paul Blumenthal | HuffPost

Instead of robot umps, the Supreme Court’s leader wants conservatives to adjust to his strike zone.

More on Roberts
I like it, how about you


🠲 After Supreme Court defeat, abortion foes are at a crossroads
Mary Ziegler | CNN

The Court's decision is likely to supercharge a trend already all too visible in abortion politics: a refocus on fetal rights.

Supreme Court Elevates Abortion in Senate Campaigns
Maggie Astor, Matt Stevens | The New York Times

The court’s rejection of a restrictive Louisiana abortion law, and Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s dissent, may create new challenges for Susan Collins and other Republican senators up for re-election.


Not!June abortion headlines

The Jewish Case for Abortion Rights
Sheila Katz, Danya Ruttenberg | Newsweek

As we consider the future of abortion access in this country, it may be helpful to note that abortion access is not only a 14th Amendment issue, as the Supreme Court itself ruled with Roe v. Wade, but a 1st Amendment issue, in light of the fact that pregnancy termination is not only permitted by Judaism, but, at times required.

Iowa governor signs abortion law amid court challenge
David Pitt

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds on Monday signed into law a bill that requires women to wait 24 hours before getting an abortion, trying again to institute a restriction similar to one struck down two years ago by the Iowa Supreme Court.


Reddit Cracks Down on Hate Speech by Deleting TERF, Pro-Trump Forums
David Artavia | The Advocate Magazine

In an effort to curtail hate speech against the backdrop of ongoing protests for gender, racial and LGBTQ+ equality, Reddit has decided to shut down upwards of 2,000 communities that have a history of hate speech.

Trump appointee at USAID repeatedly made anti-immigrant and anti-LGBTQ comments, said 'female empowerment is a civilizational calamity'
Andrew Kaczynski, Nathan McDermott | CNN

A Trump administration appointee at the United States' agency responsible for foreign aid has a history of inflammatory rhetoric aimed at refugees, the LGBTQ community and women.

For Trans People in the Service Industry, Discrimination Is an Unfortunate Reality of the Job
Jaya Saxena | Eater

A Supreme Court ruling makes it illegal to discriminate against an employee based on sexual orientation or gender, but that barely begins to address the unique pressures and harassment faced by trans service workers

LGBTQ activists on what progress looks like 5 years after same-sex marriage ruling
Courtney Vinopal | PBS NewsHour

June 26 marked five years since Obergefell v. Hodges — the landmark Supreme Court case legalizing same-sex marriage. Nearly 300,000 same-sex couples have married since, but the fight for marriage equality represents just one piece of the LGBTQ agenda for progress and equality.

New York

On Stonewall anniversary, the NYPD launched a brutal unprovoked attack on LGBTQ people
Bil Browning | LGBTQ Nation

The NYPD may have apologized last year for raiding the Stonewall Inn, spawning days of riots and police brutality, but they apparently haven’t decided to stop the behavior.

NY’s LGBTQ community has outstanding business with State Legislature
Dan Clark | WBFO-AM (Buffalo, NY)

New York’s LGBTQIA+ community has celebrated a string of victories over the last decade, but state and federal lawmakers still have a long list of priorities they’d like to see accomplished to benefit those individuals.


🠲 State insurance regulator bans health coverage discrimination against transgender people
Riley Vetterkind | Wisconsin State Journal

Health insurance providers can no longer discriminate against Wisconsin transgender patients following a directive issued by the state’s chief insurance regulator.

Pregnancy & Parenting

For moms striving for better work-life balance, COVID-19 upset the scales
Kerri Miller, Marcheta Fornoff | MPR News

With schools, summer camps and care facilities either being closed or operating at limited capacity, more women are seeing extra responsibilities added back onto their plates.

New Jersey

Health Department exempts doulas from hospital delivery support person limits during COVID-19
Jay Edwards | WRNJ-TV (Hackettstown, New Jersey)

Recognizing the role of doulas as an essential part of an expectant mother’s care team, the New Jersey Department of Health (DOH) Monday issued an executive directive exempting doulas from limits on support persons throughout a woman’s hospital stay during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reproductive Health & Justice

🠲 ‘I Can’t Focus on Abortion Access if My People Are Dying’
Emma Goldberg | New York Times

Some Gen Z and millennial women expressed mixed feelings about the fight over abortion rights, viewing it as important but less urgent than other social justice causes.

Texas education officials consider changing state’s sex education policy for first time in 23 years
Aliyya Swaby | Texas Tribune

For the first time since 1997, Texas education officials will consider a new statewide sexual education policy, and it could include teaching middle schoolers about birth control options beyond abstinence.

Work & Money

As professional sports come back, members of the US women's soccer team are still paid less than the men's
Julie Manning Magid | The Conversation

The four-time World Cup champions U.S. women’s soccer team created renewed awareness about the intransigence of gender pay discrimination and the dismissal of its pay claim in the federal court highlights the limits of current legislation but should further the discussion of equity.

When Women Feel Disrespected at Work
Elizabeth Dorrance Hall Ph.D. | Psychology Today

New research captures the experiences of women in male-dominated workplaces.

More, More, More

The “Women’s Vote” Never Existed
 J.C. Pan | The New Republic

It’s an emotionally compelling notion for activists and a tidy narrative for pundits. But it’s a 100-year-old myth.

Harvard drops single-sex club ban after lawsuit by fraternities, sororities
Nate Raymond | Reuters

Harvard University on Monday said it would discontinue its policy of sanctioning students who joined single-sex clubs, citing a lawsuit by a group of U.S. fraternities and sororities who said the crackdown amounted to sexual discrimination.